About Us

Kreggers was created by a nomadic family with Southern roots and a love for all things food. It all started with a weekly spread for friends and family, burgers and fajitas as far as the eye can see. The homemade sauces, home-smoked meats, and Creole, Texas, Southern BBQ (let’s face it, the entire South) inspired food kept everyone coming back, and bringing more and more people with them each time.

After a while, the family realized it was getting a little pricey to feed and entertain in the backyard by the bonfire. Then a brilliant idea: why not open a restaurant for everyone to enjoy? Add signature cocktails and locally sourced craft beer, and Kreggers was born! The place where “Every day’s a holiday, and every night’s a honeymoon.” So, what are you waiting for? Come on down and “Grab life by the beer!”

Meet The Team


Craig and Vanessa Eberle
Members Eberle 5 LLC

Two misplaced Texans that started the ball rolling. Craig is managing member in charge of all operations and Vanessa, focuses more on the business aspect of the restaurant behind the scenes.


Lexi Johnson  
Marketing & Events Coordinator

Lexi is native to Illinois, received her Communications degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, Lexi helps maintain keeping Kreggers fresh, fun and ever improving. Lexi’s contact is marketing@kreggersrva.com