About Us

Kreggers was created by a nomadic family with Texas and Louisiana roots. It all started with a weekly backyard get-together for friends and family, with a spread of burgers and fajitas galore. The homemade sauces, home-smoked meats, and Southern inspired cuisine kept everyone coming back (and bringing more and more people with them each time!) Then, a brilliant idea: let’s open a restaurant for EVERYONE in the neighborhood to enjoy! Add signature cocktails and locally sourced craft beer, and Kreggers was born!

At Kreggers, “Every day’s a holiday, and every night’s a honeymoon.” So, what are you waiting for? Come on down and “Grab life by the beer!”

Meet The Team


Craig and Vanessa Eberle
Members and Founders Eberle 5 LLC

The two misplaced Texans that made it all happen. Craig and Vanessa continuously strive for outstanding service and excellence, and it’s their constant goal to come up with new and exciting menu items. Their life together started right out of college in Texas and the party hasn’t stopped since. Craig can out cook anyone, and can be found on the grill many a Friday night. Craig and Vanessa are the masterminds behind the Kreggers menu, always taking fresh ingredients and combining them in unconventional combinations to come up with amazing dishes. They don’t believe in serving processed food— they use locally made and grown ingredients whenever possible. Endless room for improvement is the foundation of their business. Where did “every day is a holiday, every night a honeymoon come from”? It’s what Craig has always described their marriage as. Add three amazing kids; Tori, senior copywriter in NYC (and creator of “grab life by the beer!”), Erin who works in both locations as a bartender and manager extraordinaire and Alec, having 45 consecutive starts and 50 appearances for Florida State University football and is currently an NFL free agent and the reason for tons of TV's. They also like dogs. Lot’s of dogs.